Pubblicazioni scientifiche drupacee – gennaio 2018

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Quelli che seguono sono i link alle più recenti pubblicazioni scientifiche nazionali ed internazionali sulla frutticoltura aggiornate al mese di gennaio 2018.

  1. Effect of the Extraction Process on the Biological Activity of Lyophilized Apricot Extracts Recovered from Apricot Pomace
  2. Storage Characteristics of Apricot Incorporated Rice Based Extrudate
  3. Transcriptomes of Fruit Cavity Revealed by De Novo Sequence Analysis in Nai Plum (Prunus salicina)
  4. Simple Sequence Repeat Markers Reveal Hungarian Plum (Prunus domestica L.) Germplasm as a Valuable Gene Resource
  5. How agricultural reproduction: unfolding of survival strategies plum garden in the mountain rural in Nishabur County
  6. Growth, Plant Quality, and Survival of Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) Seedlings are Enhanced by CO2 Enrichment
  7. Transcriptomic and functional analyses reveal that PpGLK1 regulates chloroplast development in peach (Prunus persica)
  8. First report of Peach-associated Luteovirus in nectarine (Prunus persica) in Italy.
  9. Selection and Performance of Peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] Cultivars for Hybridization in Himachal Pradesh, India
  10. Genomic Sequencing of Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) Mutants Provides a New Model for Rosaceae Fruit Ripening Studies
  11. Study of chemical blossom thinning on fruiting and fruit quality in Japanese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) cv Kala Amritsari.
  12. Amygdalin, from Apricot Kernels, Induces Apoptosis and Causes Cell Cycle Arrest in Cancer Cells: An Updated Review.
  13. Isolation and Role of PmRGL2 in GA-mediated Floral Bud Dormancy Release in Japanese Apricot (Prunus mume Siebold et Zucc.)
  14. xHeucherella Plant Named’Plum Cascade’
  15. Disentangling the Effects of Water Stress on Carbon Acquisition, Vegetative Growth and Fruit Quality of Peach Trees by Means of the QualiTree Model
  16. Activated carbon from Bulgarian peach stones as a support of catalysts for methanol decomposition
  17. Horticultural, leaf mineral and fruit quality traits of two ‘Greengage’plum cultivars budded on plum based rootstocks in Mediterranean conditions
  18. Effect of dark sweet cherry powder consumption on the gut microbiota, short-chain fatty acids, and biomarkers of gut health in obese db/db mice
  19. Exploring the activity of chemical-activated carbons synthesized from peach stones as metal-free catalysts for wet peroxide oxidation
  20. Influence of Different Postharvest Calcium Treatments and Storage Conditions on Quality of Peach cv. Shan-e-Punjab

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