Pubblicazioni scientifiche: frutta a guscio – maggio 2017

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Quelli che seguono sono i link alle più recenti pubblicazioni scientifiche nazionali ed internazionali sulla frutta a guscio aggiornate al mese di maggio 2017.

  1. Intra-crown spatial variability of leaf temperature and stomatal conductance enhanced by drought in apple tree as assessed by the RATP model
  2. Influence of temperature, pH and salts on rheological properties of bitter almond gum
  3. Replacing American snacks with tree nuts increases consumption of key nutrients among US children and adults: results of an NHANES modeling study
  4. Chilling and heat requirements for local and foreign almond (Prunus dulcis Mill.) cultivars in a warm Mediterranean location based on 30 years of phenology recordsChilling and heat requirements for local and foreign almond (Prunus dulcis Mill.) cultivars in a warm Mediterranean location based on 30 years of phenology records
  5. Redevelopment and the urban forest: A study of tree removal and retention during demolition activities
  6. Fatty Acid Profile of New Zealand Grown Edible Pine Nuts (Pinus spp.)
  7. Adsorption of Jumputan liquid waste by betel nuts activated carbon in a continuous fixed-bed adsorber
  8. First report of diplodia seriata as casual agent of almond tree branch dieback in tunisia
  9. Abundance of insect pollinators on almond (Prunus amygdalus L.) in central Kashmir.
  10. Efficiency of Elite Fungicide for Control of Pistachio Gummosis
  11. Almond Polyphenols: Methods of Analysis, Contribution to Food Quality, and Health Promotion
  12. A novel dual-channel chemosensor for CN− using asymmetric double-azine derivatives in aqueous media and its application in bitter almond
  13. Extended validation of a senstive and robust method for simultaneous quantification of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in Brazil nuts by HPLC-FLD
  14. High-resolution cryo-EM: the nuts and bolts
  15. Before You Send Out that Survey: The Nuts and Bolts of Implementing a Medical Student Survey Study
  16. Characterization of biocontrol bacterial strains isolated from a suppressiveness-induced soil after amendment with composted almond shells
  17. Early selection for flowering time in almond breeding programs
  18. Nutritional evaluation of almond cashew nut by-products in diets for slow-growing broiler chickens
  19. Effects of Olive Pit and Almond Shell Powder on Polypropylene.
  20. Studies on the Storage Life of Almond nut (Prunus amygdala var dulcis) Milk using Pawpaw (Carica papaya) Extract as Local Preservative
  21. Comparative biosorption study of Hg (II) using raw and chemically activated almond shell
  22. Determination of optimum conditions of crystal violet dye adsorption on almond shells
  23. … radical structural change rarely happens. In this paper, we analyse the evolution over time of the production baskets in 107 Italian provinces (NUTS 3) and perform the
  24. Shodhana attenuates cytotoxicity of methanolic extract of Semecarpus anacardium nuts
  25. Comparative life cycle assessment of pistachio, almond and apple production
  26. Chromatographic Fingerprinting with Multivariate Data Analysis for Detection and Quantification of Apricot Kernel in Almond Powder
  27. Comparative Study of Tocopherol Contents and Fatty Acids Composition in Twenty Almond Cultivars of Afghanistan
  28. Modeling the effect of water level on the Nueces Delta marsh community
  29. The beginnings of fruit tree cultivation in the Iberian Peninsula: plant remains from the city of Huelva (southern Spain)
  30. Salmonella Survival Kinetics on Pecans, Hazelnuts, and Pine Nuts at Various Water Activities and Temperatures
  31. Effects of Pre-germination Treatment on the Phytate and Phenolic Contents of Almond Nuts


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