Pubblicazioni scientifiche sulla viticoltura da tavola – aprile 2016

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Quelli che seguono sono i link alle più recenti pubblicazioni scientifiche nazionali ed internazionali sulla viticoltura da tavola aggiornate al mese di aprile 2016

  1. Synergistic Hepatoprotective Effect of Grape Juice with Date Palm Fruit Methanolic Extracts
  2. Effect of Coating of Aloe Vera Gelon Shelf Life of Grapes
  3. Genome selection in fruit breeding: application to table grapes
  4. Advances in table grape breeding in Japan
  5. Effects of geographical origin, varietal and farming system on the chemical composition and functional properties of purple grape juices: a review
  6. Control of Ochratoxin A-Producing Fungi in Grape Berry by Microbial Antagonists: A Review
  7. Yield responses in Flame seedless, Thompson seedless and Red Globe table grape cultivars are differentially modified by rootstocks under semi arid conditions
  8. Effect of cuticular waxes compounds from table grapes on growth, germination and gene expression in Botrytis cinerea
  9. Edible coating composed of chitosan and Salvia fruticosa Mill. extract for the control of gray mold of table grapes
  10. Unique techniques developed in Israel for short-and long-term storage of table grapes
  11. Modifications of ‘Gold Finger’Grape Berry Quality as Affected by the Different Rootstocks
  12. Photosynthetic capacity of’Niagara Rosada’grapes grown under transparent plastic covering
  13. Propuesta de negocio: Exportación de uva de mesa–Variedad ARRA 15. Valle de Jayanca–Lambayeque–Perú
  14. Viticultural and chemical characteristics of muscat hamburg preselected clones grown for table grapes
  15. Interactions between auxin and quercetin during grape berry development
  16. Evaluation of new grape hybrids and French cultivars for wine production

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